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We  are  a locally owned and operated solar PV design and installation firm based in Tampa, Fl. founded by John King and Christopher Barnhardt.

Our mission is to critically address the way that society uses and thinks about energy.  

Dynasty Power LLC is a leader in residential and commercial installation in Florida.  Focused on seeking solutions to the world energy crisis through education and system implementation, DPLLC believes in ensuring our clients realize the benefits of their financial investments, and that they move forward confident in their path to energy independence,  With a humanitarian outlook and a fresh perspective, passion and enthusiasm for clean energy, 

Dynasty Power LLC’s drive to create a healthier environment echoes in every consultation and install we do. Whether you’re looking to utilize energy more efficiently or are ready to produce your own, contact us — and take the first step toward a brighter future!



Our vision is to be the global leader  in the development of renewable energy solutions.


Our mission is to be the global leader in solar energy development, combining people and cutting - edge ideas to deliver the best solutions that create sustainable value for all stakeholders.


Our  purpose Is to make our community better by empowering and Inspiring the implementation of renewable energy using solar power.